How the story began

I lived and worked in Berlin for 6 years, both self-employed and employed. One day I felt that this wasn’t the be all and end all. Even though work was alright, I had so much fun with my colleagues and friends and Berlin is apparently one of the coolest cities in the world. But it didn’t sparkle as much as I expected anymore. I felt I needed different people, places, cultures, backgrounds, whatever – just different.

What exactly was I looking for? Where do I find it and how?

I quit my job and booked a flight to Sydney. I didn’t know where this would take me. I didn’t know how long or where I would stay. I didn’t know how long my money would last or if I’d need to find a job. Most importantly, I didn’t exactly know what I was looking for, providing less of a guarantee of finding it.

But at least I could create the requirements for generating the flow.

1. No fixed plans
2. No time pressure
3. No must do’s
4. Be open-minded
5. Do as many different things with as many inspiring people as possible
6. The more uncomfortable and challenged I am, the more I’m on the right track.

To cut a long story short, after travelling for a couple of weeks I ended up in Melbourne. I met lots of different people, worked as a waitress for a well-known caterer and a small restaurant. Worked as a graphic designer. Became a member of a collaboration office. Attended many conferences, discussions, presentations and finally found myself in Melbourne’s Convention & Exhibition Centre listening to Naren and Sudeep from Droga5.

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