The follow up mailing

I sent the first follow up today. The mailing contains fertilizer for Petunja, wrapped in a flower lookalike packaging. The message calls them up to unleash my energy for fertilizing Droga 5.

How will I fertilize Droga 5? I will give Droga 5 a few weeks of my valuable lifetime, before I start travelling again – that’s right, I don’t ask for money, it’s about helping each other.
I’ll take weight from the shoulders of Droga’s team by taking over work wherever the pressure is the most. In addition my thoughts will refresh and enhance ideas of the creative thinkers.

How does Droga 5 fertilize me? I know that my mind comes up with beautiful things when I listen and discuss with passionate people. Such an awesome feeling, when my mind is sparkling and plenty of ideas are coming up. I like Droga 5 help me get this feeling every day!


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