The Mission

Ok guys, now my aim is clear: I wanna be part of the Droga5 team. I want to learn from/with them and create well-considered, user-involved campaigns.

Yes, that feels right. Now I need the right strategy to get their attention. Probably they can wall paper their whole office 1,ooo times with all the applictions they have received. With all the inspiring campaigns I viewed, it would be incredibly inappropriate to send an ordinary application. I don’t want to end up on the wall-of-lame.

The last couple of weeks I’ve had heaps of fun creating my application. Let’s get into it:

With Petunja in my hand luggage I will travel back, to where my journey began: Sydney. Petunja is very excited about her journey. She daydreams of her new home. A new bench to linger on (a wider one perhaps), surrounded by the like minded, maybe she’ll even be watered more frequently!

When arriving at Droga5 studio, I will hand over Petunja in her withering condition. Her mission is to deliver a message for me to Naren and Sudeep.


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